2016 Media Day

2016 Media Day

By: Todd Bartley / July 19, 2016

The District IV Football Coaches Association is proud to announce its 2016 Media Day slated for Tuesday, July 26th from 1:00-4:00 p.m. at the Williamsport Country Club.

According to Association President Justin Van Fleet, Head Coach Loyalsock Township, "This event has grown throughout the past three years. It provides a unique opportunity for players and coaches throughout District IV to discuss the excitement of the upcoming season."

The emcee this year will be Todd Bartley, Owner of ESPN Radio Williamsport and ESPN Williamsport.tv. Bartley has covered District IV Football since 2008. He and his staff have been honored eight times since then by the Pennsylvania Associated Press Broadcasters Association for Outstanding Play-by-Play Broadcasting and Best Sportscast.

ESPN Williamsport provides countless hours of play-by-play coverage and local talk shows featuring District IV coaches and student athletes on an annual basis. Bartley also served as the District IV Football correspondent last year for the Coaches Corner Show hosted by Jim Coles on WNEP2.

The event will feature a table for each team football team in District IV. Teams will be differentiated by wearing jerseys as well as having an updated helmet with decals on the table. Each Head Coach will have copies of expected roster for the preseason.

The event will have two phases including a free meet and greet. During this phase, players and the head coach will be seated at the table assigned and given to opportunity to speak with the media, throughout District IV and the state, about the upcoming season.

A second phase will take place as media members sit in a gallery and each team takes the podium for an equal amount of time. The head coach will take questions. The media will then be allowed to direct questions to players. After this session is over, players and head coaches will take their place at their assigned table. Upon completion of the second phase by all teams, media may continue interviews at tabletops.

Four private rooms have been reserved for video interviews. Every football team in PIAA District IV will be represented by the head coach as well as three players selected for interviews.